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Share capital company

A Norwegian "Aksjeselskap" (AS) is the equivalent of a Limited Liability Company.

An AS company is a legal person. Minimal share capital of NOK 30 thousand is required.


Greater trust on the market
Relatively low share capital
Transparent financial and legal situation
The owner can also be an employee and use the relevant benefits


Mandatory services of statutory auditor for companies with more than 6 million NOK in turnover.
Limited liability of the owner/s
Rigid regulations on money transfering
Limited liability of the owner
The AS legal form is the most trustworthy form of business whether you are a Norwegian entrepreneur or a foreign.
Nowadays, as changes in the Norwegian legislation introduced in 2011 opens up for lower share capital for AS', the form have become a substantial alternative to consider for foreign companies that initially where planning to establish so called NUF (a Norwegian-registered foreign company).
Generally one of the decisive criteria for securing a contract is the legal form of the company and AS companies are prefered by Norwegian clients. The tendency is clearly - there is an increase in number of AS Companies registered compared with NUF's.

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