Our Story & Mission

Our Story 

Novum Consulting AS was established in 2002. One of the two founders was Katarzyna Ramberg. The company's activities included recruitment and hire out of employees. After the EU enlargement in 2004, the Norwegian market became open to companies from 10 new countries. Poles constituted the largest group. There were many who saw the potential and wanted to start a business here. The vast majority thought it was a simple process - it wasn't. We discovered that there was an unmet need for a place to turn for advice and guidance, preferably in your own language.

Authorized accounting office with 20 years experience

As a consequence, the company was restructured to focus on consulting and formal assistance to foreign entrepreneurs who wanted to start operations in Norway.
In the face of ever changing requirements and alternations in regulations, along with the desire to continue supportiong foreign entrepreneurs in Norway, the authorized accounting company Novum Økonomi AS was established in 2008.
In 2011 we opened another office, this time in Bydgoszcz, Poland. Today, Novum Consulting is a holding and co-owner of InterNovum Sp. z o.o. Some of our accounting activities are outsourced to this company. In addition, our experienced and multilingual accountants put a lot of effort in the field of business consulting for clients from Poland and Norway.
During our nineteen-year history, we have actively followed and adapted our services to changes that have been taking place on the market - both in terms of customers, digitalization, formal requirements of the authorities, etc. We want to be a reliable partner for our clients in the field of accounting, as well as business development.
Currently, Katarzyna and Gert Ramberg own and run companies.

Our Mission

Novum Økonomi AS is an authorized Accounting Office providing a wide range of services that also include business consultancy. Throughout more than nineteen years we have been assisting enterprises in more or less all phases of their activity. Among our clients, there have been many companies with a foreign origin represented.
We assist in establishing businesses in Norway, secure the start-up phase so that it becomes most efficient. If you have a strategy in mind – feel free to discuss it with us. Furthermore, let us help clarify which formalities, requirements and regulations have to be taken into account.
Authorized accounting office in Norway

When it comes to accounting, we have the experience, we are professional and available to our Clients which helps to make a their business grow. By becoming our client, you will make use of the latest cutting-edge IT and online solutions for accounting. 

Be better.
Be more effective
Be cost-efficient

Authorized Accounting Office in Norway

Novum Økonomi AS is active in various business forums, offers courses and provides lecturers. We have extensive experience with "cross-border" projects.

Take a minute to contact us and join us for an online meeting: office@novum.no