Our Employees

  • Katarzyna Ramberg


    Katarzyna has been living in Norway for many years. She is a graduate of Scandinavian studies at the University of Poznań. She studied Danish philology and spent a year and a half at the Askov and Hillerød People's University. In Norway, she studied consulting and project management. She participated in the NHO (the largest employer organization in Norway) project Female Future ("the future for female leaders")

    Kasia has extensive professional experience ranging from a tour guide, translator, administration officer in the state administration in Kongsberg and Drammen. She was an advisor and later head of the Department of Refugees and Foreigners in Drammen. Katarzyna was a co-founder of Novum Consulting AS in 2002. Currently, together with her husband, Gert, they are the owners of a holding company that owns Novum Økonomi AS and a co-owner of InterNovum in Bydgoszcz. Katarzyna also has experience as an advisor, expert in business organizations, and academic lecturer at the SWPS University in Warsaw.

    In Novum she deals with, among others coordination of works between the Norwegian and Polish branch, acquiring new clients, marketing. She actively participates in cooperation projects with Novum’s partners, conducts courses, webinars, and is actively involved in social media.

    Katarzyna is interested in Polish and international design, collects Ćmielów figurines. She loves reading and has an extensive library of Polish and world literature. A few years ago, he and Gert discovered traveling in a motorhome, she also loves long walks with their dog. Kasia speaks Polish, Norwegian and English.

  • Gert Ramberg


    Gert studied Cultural Studies at Telemark District College, at the Section for Cultural Work and Social Pedagogy at Eik Teacher Training College.

    He worked as a consultant and project manager within culture in the Municipality and County Municipality. In 2002 he established «Nøstedhallen» in Drammen, a low-threshold offer and meeting place for unorganized youth with "street" activities, such as Skateboard, BMX, etc. Gert was in charge of cooperation across professional environments and facilitation of preventive work and integration. Today the project is still one of Norway's largest and most renowned indoor facilities with over 1800 m² of ramps and annual 8000 - 10000 visitors. Gert also has experience from working with after-school programs and Youth Council / Democracy Development.

    Gert is currently co-owner and chairman of the board of Novum Consulting AS as well as co-owner and deputy chairman of the board of Novum Økonomi AS. He is married to Katarzyna (Kasia). He is in charge of with operations, strategy and development, collaboration with external actors, networking and B2B. He has organized conferences and seminars. Gert is also actively engaged in marketing as well as hiring and staff.

    Gert enjoys traceling both in cities and countryside. He loves camping - preferably abroad, Music - from Bellman via Tangerine Dream to Wagner. Interested in architecture and design, enjoys going to art exhibitions. Fan of classic Belgian comics and graphic novels. Appreciates any opportunity to spend time with their two now grown children. Speaks Norwegian, Danish and English

  • Marta Wojtecka

    Managing Director/ Accounting and Payroll

    Marta completed MA studies in accounting and finance at the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń. After graduation, she tried to work at an international corporation in Warsaw, but quickly realized that what matters to her is direct relations, and not being a cog in a large machine. She has also worked as an accountant for an international steel trading company and a paving company.

    She joined the Novum team at the beginning of the Bydgoszcz operations and immediately set the office straight with some accounting rules. Her dream was to work as an "ordinary" accountant, but she quickly discovered a great talent for communication with both clients and employees. Despite the many responsibilities of the head of the company, she still likes to solve accounting puzzles and figuring out the puzzles of calculating salaries. She is the best employment law specialist in Novum. Her clients are very big companies, but each client is unique and most important to her. Several years of experience in Polish accounting and many years of work with Norwegian accounting allow her to feel at ease at work, but she emphasizes that Norwegian accounting has become the closest to her.

    Marta is irreplaceable in Novum, but she tries to find time for her three children: Zofia, Maciej and Alicja. Recently, the Staffordshire bull terrier Edzio joined the family. Marta goes for long walks with him. In her free time, she appreciates travels to her native Mazury.

    Marta speaks Polish and English, knows basic Russian and German. Perfect Norwegian. 

    Favourite quote: „When they go low, we go high” – Michelle Obama 

  • Karol Woźniak

    Content Director/Authorized Accountant/ Assingment Manager

    Karol completed his accounting education at the University of Østfold. Since March 2018, he has been gaining his professional experience at Novum Økonomi AS.

    In June 2020, he obtained the title of an authorized accountant. Karol's strengths are account reconciliation and a clear solution orientation.
    He believes that good contact with the client is the key to success. He likes to work in his spare time. And when he doesn't work anymore, he reads books, watches films or makes fun.

    Karol's favorite motto is "good things happen to those who wait for it."
    He is fluent in Norwegian, Polish and English.

  • Anna Korpalska

    Key Accounts

    A graduate of Norwegian philology in Poznań and international relations in Warsaw. She also completed post-graduate studies: Polish as a foreign language and: economic and legal translations in English. She has worked as a tour leader in Central Europe and Scandinavia, a translator and a Norwegian and English teacher.
    In Novum since 2012.  She is a consultant for key clients and introduces new clients. She works with marketing and "special missions". She works with the greatest accountants between the Tatras and Svalbard! However, she knows well that you cannot mess with them before the VAT report deadline. Her strength is the ability to understand not only the most difficult Norwegian dialects, but also cultural differences. She takes on challenges with a blink of an eye.
    Mother of Krysia and Kasia. Thanks to them, she rediscovered Monty Python and Astrid Lindgren and became a fan of children's folk ensemble. 
    In 2022, she managed to read 1.4 books a week, she intends to keep this score.
    Languages: Norwegian, English, Russian, French, Polish
    Favourite quote:
    " One shall not bother others,
    one shall be nice and kind,
    otherwise one may do as one pleases. "
    Thorbjørn Egner "Folk og røvere i Kardemomme By" Own translation 
    Book published in English: When the robbers came to Cardamom Town, trans. Anthony Barnett, J W Cappelens Forlag AS
  • Beata Sasin

    Accounting and Payroll

    In her career spanning over a long period of time, Beata has used quite a few accounting programs. Her favorite one now is Visma eAccounting. Beata is not shy about her being the most experienced accountant in Novum, but she is simultaneously open to new challenges. A graduate of Finance and 
     Accounting with a specialization for small and medium companies. 

    She has worked with Norwegian accounting since 2017. Her clients are both Norwegian companies and Norwegian branches of foreign businesses. She is also responsible for accounting of Polish companies with Norwegian share capital. Her long experience in finance services is shown by her meticulous approach and persistence in solving  complicated accounting conundrums. 

    In her free time Beata enjoys walking tours, she loves animals and likes watching nature programs. She loves classical music and adores movie classics. 

    Beata speaks Polish and Russian and is constantly working on her English and Norwegian skills.

    Beata's favourite quote:
    “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get”
    Forrest Gump

  • Joanna Lange

    Accounting and Payroll

    A graduate of International Relations at the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń. She completed part of her studies at the University of Salamanca. Joanna has the professional title of an accounting specialist - an independent accountant. She has been working with HR and payroll as well as accounting for 14 years.

    Joanna has been with Novum since 2017. Her clients are both Norwegian companies and NUF. Her strong point is the ability to reach consensus and create very good relations with clients. She is very particular about all duties being "on time". A specialist in complex, multi-component salaries and error-finding in A-melding reports. Like the rest of our team, she is multilingual. Perhaps she communicates best with his clients from Great Britain.

    She spends her free time on trips with her husband and daughter in Bory Tucholskie - forests and lakes are her place on Earth. She also feels great in the Tatras. Animal lover – she adores especially dogs, preferably boxers. She never parts with her e-book reader.

    Languages: English, Spanish, perfectioning Norwegian.

    “You have to be persistent and have faith in yourself. You have to believe that a person is capable of something and achieve it at any cost (Maria Sklodowska-Curie)

  • Justyna Walkowiak

    Accounting and Payroll

    Justyna graduated from the Faculty of Finance and Accounting at the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń. She has been working as an accountant for 15 years. She started her career already during her studies. Justyna has worked with Norwegian accounting in Novum since 2015. Previously, she also worked in a Finnish accounting office.
    Her clients are both branches of foreign companies (NUF) and Norwegian limited liability companies (AS). Justyna always finds a way to deal with the most demanding cost documents, such as crumbled receipts. Of course, she admits not to be fond of those. Therefore, she enjoys digital accounting solutions, thanks to which customers send photos of receipts directly to the system. She has always been interested in topics related to human resources and payroll. Complicated wages which involve advances, contributions, benefits in kind and all sorts of deductions, are not a challenge for her.
    Currently, the greatest challenge for her is to somehow find time for her passion which is dancing. That might be difficult as she is a very busy mom of two small boys: Wojtek and Mikołaj. At Novum, we are sure that she will handle it perfectly, because her consistency and persistence in taking care of clients' interests are exceptional. 

    Justyna speaks Polish, English and she is working on her Norwegian.
  • Karolina Siwek

    Accounting and Payroll

    Karolina Siwek lives in Bærum and holds a bachelor's degree from the Szczecin School of Business. She has several years of relevant work experience and a strong interest in numbers and finance. She also has previous experience in customer service and client relations in the service industry. Karolina is dedicated to maintaining structure and order in the workplace, which she excels at. She is highly service-oriented and accommodating. She is eager to learn and has a lot of energy. Karolina is a positive person with a great sense of humor, fostering a pleasant atmosphere around her and being very sociable. In her free time, she enjoys exercising, taking walks, and spending time with family and friends. Originally from Poland, she has been living in Norway since 2008. Karolina will contribute to a pleasant and positive working environment with us.

    She speaks: Norwegian, Polish, and English.

  • Katarzyna Wójcik


    Kasia is educated at the University of Szczecin, where she graduated from the Department of Management at the Faculty of Economics. She has lived in Norway for many years and began her adventure in the country of fjords as a teenager. She completed her high school education there. After her studies, she worked in the administration of a company that operates in the insurance industry. Thanks to her job at Novum, she expands her skills and gains new experiences.

    At Novum, Kasia is mainly involved in administration, consulting, and marketing development. She is open to new challenges. In her personal life, she is a mother of two little girls. Kasia enjoys spending her free time exploring the world with her daughters. Additionally, she is a creative soul, enjoys cooking, baking cakes, and loves design and interior decorating.

    Kasia is fluent in Polish, Norwegian, and English, and she is also working on improving her German language skills.
  • Lidia Gamelska

    Accounting and Payroll

    Lidia is a graduate of finance and accounting. She considers the profession to be a technical job however she is also great at advising clients. Giving advice to foreign companiesis a huge part of the job in a Norwegian accounting office.

    Lidia has lived in Norway since 2012. For many years she worked in an authorized accounting office. She came to Novum hoping for new challenges and working in an international environment. Like many of our accountants, she loves reconciling accounts. Lidia works with Norwegian companies, sole proprietorships and branches of foreign companies.

    When Lidia is not carrying out complicated reconciliations, she enjoys taking photos hobby. In her spare time, she likes to read detective stories, not limited to "Nordic-noir". In Norway, she appreciates being close to nature and uses every opportunity to spend time in it. Her special ability is writing wishes, which the Novum team uses diligently.

    Lidia speaks Polish and Norwegian.
  • Malwina Dziuba

    Maternity Leave

    Malwina completed BA studies in diplomacy and MA studies in finance at the University of Rzeszów. After graduation, she came to Norway, where she completed language courses, thanks to which she quickly got a good job in retail and administration. She really wanted to use her Polish education at work and that is why she joined the Novum team.

    In Novum she quickly found herself responsible for administration and consultations, also thanks to her experience in working with clients in retail. She is a specialist in extinguishing fires and dealing with impossible things. Her gentle persuasion helps in supporting clients in contacts with banks and authorities. Thanks to it, the registration process of companies and branches of foreign companies runs smoothly and in a pleasant atmosphere. Malwina is not afraid of professional challenges and overcomes obstacles with a smile.

    Privately, she is the mother of Laura and Gabriel, thanks to whom her time is filled to the brim. In her free time, she loves working in her garden which is her "haven". This is where she rests and finds satisfaction in planting and caring for plants. Her love for nature helps her find balance between work, home and family. 

    Malwina is fluent in Polish, Norwegian and English.

  • Marie Mony Eap

    Authorized Accountant/ Assingment Manager

    Marie is 28 years old and the latest addition to Novum Økonomi AS. 

    Professionally, she has had many years of management experience from the retail industry. 
    She is educated at BI Norwegian Business School in Oslo. At Novum, she is using her bachelor's degree in economics and business law, as well as her education in profiled accounting to work as an accounting employee.

    She is a cheerful, positive and outgoing girl who likes to take on challenges.

    Marie is very avtive in her free time. She loves to exercise and meet with her friends. She also spends time on various hobby projects such as sourdough baking and horticulture.

    The entire Novum staff in Drammen enjoys her freshly baked bread with a pinch of her sense of humor!

    Marie speaks Norwegian and English. 
  • Marta Gerwel

    Accounting and Payroll

    Marta graduated in Finance and Accounting at University of Gdańsk. During her last semester she joined Novum and has been working as an accountant in the company for more than 8 years. Her clients include Norwegian companies as well as branches of foreign businesses. She is very persistent in achieving her goals which are always very clear. She wanted to work with Norwegian accounting from the start and has not changed her mind yet. She has gained experience with many digital accounting solutions, but finds the “human touch” the key to successful relations with her clients. 

    Her professional interests include calculating Norwegian salaries. She enjoys reading, watching tv-series. She collects vintage pottery and is interested in design. Marta loved travelling around Italy, but is now busy with her two sons – Filip and Adam. This leaves her very little free time. She is using her interest in design in renovation of a charming lake house. 

    Marta speaks Polish and English, she also uses her Norwegian and German skills at work.

  • Sylwia Kunda

    Accounting and Payroll

    A graduate of Finance and Accounting at the University of Economics in Poznań. She is the author of a master's thesis, comparing wages in Poland and Norway, probably the only such work in Poland.

    At Novum she works as an independent accountant. However, she started her work with a strong accent by presenting Novum at an international seminar for construction companies. She enjoys adivising Norwegian limited liability companies (AS) on the settlement of costs and, understandably - employee remuneration. She also advises branches of foreign companies (NUF). Together with Karol Woźniak, they form a strong IT team. They deal with the implementation of new accounting programs and support for clients and associates (to the delight of the latter, they always find time for them). In working with electronic accounting systems, she is guided by Norwegian patience and a quote from Nelson Mandela: "something seems impossible until you do it".

    In her free time, she likes to develop creatively - she performs DIY projects, creates graphic designs, bakes cakes and pies (regularly praised by the Novum team). She loves dancing.
    After her doctorate (she collects topics for work every day), she plans a journey on Route66.

    Languages: English, Polish. Still developing: Norwegian and Russian.