Doing Business in Norway - A Guide for Entrepreneurs in Norway

The only such publication on the Norwegian market. Condensed know-how on how to run Norwegian companies and branches of foreign companies in Norway.

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Wide range of knowledge stored in one place

We have set a complete guide about accounting and financial management regulations and taxation in Norway in one plac. All important topics stored in easy to read file which you can go back to whenever you want. 

Table of Contents

Our clients are foreign companies with activities in Norway, but also Norwegian sole proprietorships and Norwegian companies.

Our experience goes beyond accounting matters. Our clients expect help in many areas of their activity. We don't build bridges, roads, museums, hospitals, we don't vaccinate fish, we don't run shops online and food outlets. Our clients deal with their growing businesses. We take care of the rest. 


For over 19 years, we have been supporting our clients with our experience and knowledge of constantly changing regulations and their interpretation as well as all aspects of running a business in Norway.

This guide summarizes our experience working with companies in Norway. We hope that it will also prove useful for you.

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Doing Business in Norway - free version of the Guide

Download the short, free version of the guide for companies starting their operations on the Norwegian market. The guide will show you schedule and procedure for establishing a limited liability company (AS) or a branch of a foreign company (NUF) in Norway. You will also learn on what is the key to achieve success in Norway. You will also see the content of the full version of our guide. The Guide contains almost 20 years of experienc and knowledge.

What is included

  • What form of conducting business in Norway to choose.

  • Timetable and procedures for establishing of AS and NUF

  • What we learnt during the pandemic.

  • Content of the full version.

Doing Business in Norway - full version of the Guide

Please download the full version of the guide, in which we have collected almost 20 years of experience and knowledge on how to operate in the Norwegian market. Let your business expand in Norway and leave the rest to us!

What is included

  • What form of business should you choose? (enkeltpersonforetak - ENK, a limited liability company, i.e. aksjeselskap - AS, or maybe a branch of a foreign company, Norskregistrert Utenlandskforetak - NUF)

  • Employees: Contract of employment, holiday pay, sick leave, other benefits, employer's duties, social security, other insurances, reporting obligations, advance income tax system, posting of employees and lots more

  • Other registrations, permits and certificates (Register of rental and cleaning companies, DSB electric industry, Authentication of construction companies - Sentral Godkjenning, Company health service - Bedrifthelsetjeneste BHT, StartBank, Authorization for car workshops, transport company, running a catering point

  • Bookkeeping (Conclusion of an agreement with an authorized accounting office, Business account and skattetrekkskonto, VAT settlement, Collective liability waiver - solidaransvar, Liability insurance, Obligation to have a statutory auditor - revisor, Electronic solutions in accounting, Cashless transactions)

  • Registrations (Enhetsregister and Foretaksregister, VAT register)

  • Trade Unions basic description of the system in Norway, especially valid for the shipyard industry

  • Occupational Health and Safety - HMS (Norwegian Occupational Health and Safety)

  • Norwegian-English glossary for accounting, law and business

  • Facing the crisis - pandemic time experiences

  • Schedule and procedure for AS registration

  • Schedule and procedure for NUF registration

299 NOK
Doing Business in Norway - full version of the Guide