Norwegian Companies

For over 19 years, Novum has been gathering experience in providing services for companies on the Norwegian market. Use our  advice and run your business based on the knowledge and competence of experts. Your success translates into the success of Novum, therefore we advise clients as if we were advising ourselves!
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  • The most up-to-date interpretation of regulations
  • Online consultations
  • Experts with many years of experience
  • A practical approach
  • All know-how in a nutshell

Would you like to learn more?

  • Is it better to set up a limited company - AS, or a sole proprietorship - ENK?
  • What are the fixed costs of running a business?
  • What are the costs of hiring an employee?
  • What certificates and registrations are needed to run a Norwegian company?
  • How do I account for the cost of the company car, do I need a "kjørebok"?

Are you already a business owner?

  • How to invest in Norway?
  • Will a holding work in my case?
  • Can I hire employees only for the duration of the contract?
  • Can I hire workers from Ukraine in a Norwegian company?
  • What are the costs of transforming a Norwegian sole proprietorship into an AS company?

What will Novum do for you?

We will register your employees 
We will report your contracts
We will reconciliate your accounts
We will calculate employees' renumeration
We'll run your accounts