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Have you been offered a contract in Norway?

You have received a contract offer in Norway, do you know:
  • What registrations are required for foreign companies in Norway?
  • Whether to register activities as services or hire of personnel
  • What are the tax and reporting obligations of a company operating in Norway?

How to post employees to Norway

 Do you wish to post your employees to Norway? You need to know: 
  • What contract to sign with the employee 
  • What are the minimum salary rates in Norway 
  • Is it necessary to pay a holiday allowance (feriepenger?) 
  • Can an employee from Ukraine be posted to Norway?

What can Novum do for you?

What formalities will Novum carry out for you?

  • We will register a company or branch (ENK AS ENK)
  • We will take care of employee reporting and company reporting
  • We will calculate the most complicated salaries and advise on tax, working time, benefits, employment contracts, insurance ...