Registrations & Certificates

Services and products available on the Norwegian market are subject to various quality certificates and authorizations. This concerns both Norwegian and foreign companies. Products are often certified according to different technical, quality and material parameters from the ones used in the EU. Authorizations concern companies and confirm that the company applies Norwegian standards to management procedures, production and services quality, employees’ qualifications etc.

Hiring out personell companies that hire out more than 50% of their staff are required to register in the Restiter for Staffing Enterprises (Register for bemanningsforetak) of the Norwegian Labour Aythority (Arbeidstilsynet).

All cleaning companies that provide their services to customers must be registered in the Norwegian Labour Authority's (Arbeidstilsynet) register and get an authorization (Godkjenning for rneholdsvirksomheteter) in order to work legally. Every January the company is obliged to submit an update form confirming that all the requirements are fulfilled.

It's a register used by the majority of Norwegian companies in order to verify a company's background. It requires information on the taxes, insurances, reference projects etc.

All the companies in the electrical industry are required to obtain a DSB (Norwegian Directorate for Civil Protection) certificate for employees (skilled workers and at least one contractor). Employees must provide information on their education, experience and qualifications as well as diplomas translated into Norwegian, Danish or Swedish.

All companies that perform work at building and construction sites, both Norwegian and foreign, are obliged to provide their employees with HSE-cards. In order to apply for them, the company must operate legally in Norway, the employees must be reported to the Foreign Tax Affairs Office and an A-melding for them needs to be sent from the accounting system. Also they need to undergo a personal id-control at a local tax office once every two years.

Having received the approval for cleaning companies from the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority one is required to apply for id-cards for all employees. Processing may take a few weeks depending on the number of applications in the Labour Inspection.

The certificate is granted by the Norwegian Building Authority (Direktoratet for Byggkvalitet) based on documents prepared according to a special application form, translated into Norwegian (Danish or Swedish). This pre-qualification saves a significant amount of time when applying for local authorization.

The Norwegian Food Safety Authority that approves products and establishments such as restaurants, food producers and importers.

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration that issues permits for differents kinds of transportation.

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