Prosjekt - K


The association was founded by two active Polish women who have been living in Norway for many years and traveling around the world. We lacked a platform for cooperation between business women who are often invisible in Norway. We want enterprising women to support each other and grow in strength together, speaking with one voice.

Despite its short activity, the Association can already boast of several successes:

  • as one of the few non-governmental organizations we have received public support for the development of our activities 
  • our Facebook page is followed by over 600 people (follow us here) 
  • we already have several dozen members our action plan for the next year is full to the brim!

Org. nr 926500295 
+47 465 32 601

  • Katarzyna Ramberg


    My name is Katarzyna Ramberg I have lived in Norway for over 30 years. I studied in Poland and Denmark and worked in many different professions such as: office assistant, translator, teacher, integration specialist for local authorieties. In 2002, I founded my own company, Novum Consulting AS - initially hiring employees and then an advisory office. A few years later, the Accounting Office Novum Økonomi As started operating. Today it is part of a holding which also includes InterNovum Sp. z o.o. in Bydgoszcz. Privately, my husband and I have had a new hobby for several years - trips around Norway and abroad with our caravan and our dog. Our grown-up children communicate with their grandparents in Polish or Norwegian.

    Over the years, I have met a lot of women who start and successfully run their businesses. Many of them have taken part courses for entrepreneurs that we organized. We want to strive for Polish businesswomen in Norway to be more recognizable and to help them find their business path here! 

  • Sylwia Niklas


    My name is Sylwia Niklas. I am Polish, but I feel more like a citizen of this world. I was very lucky to live in many places on our beautiful globe: in Poland, the USA, England, Korea, China, and now Norway. I graduated from MA studies in management and marketing. I worked mainly in banking but I have also experience form being an ex-pat and working for Polish organizations abroad. 
    Apart from working for Novum Økonomi AS, I get involved in promoting Polish culture abroad, and recently also supporting talented and entrepreneurial Polish women in Norway. In Prosjekt-K I wish to work against stereotypes and take advantage of the multicultural environment aroud us! 

    From the very beginning of our activity, we have been met by a huge wave of interest among Polish businesswomen and professionals. It is obvious that it is high time for a platform that 
    Privately, I am a partner of Trond and mother of Mia (10) and Nelka (4).