Electronic Control Systems S.A.

With the help of Novum, we started our business activity in Norway. The office "led us by the hand" from the very beginning. We can get professional help at every stage. The team are able to advise, inform us about everything in a very transparent way. Novum's employees have very high work culture and friendly approach. I am glad that I found Novum before we established our companh branch in Nroway.
Joanna Skwarczyńska
Chief Accountant, Electronic Control Systems S.A.

Grupa ZED Sp. z o. o.

Our cooperation with Novum Økonomi AS has been going on since 2017. Initially, we used the services of another company to service our contracts in Norway, but we were not satisfied with it.
We found Novum Økonomi AS online and that after a meeting in the office in Bydgoszcz, cooperation was established.
An undoubted advantage is the fact that Novum has an office in both Poland and Norway.
We are very pleased with the cooperation, all problems are solved on an ongoing basis, and the employees are competent and committed.
Novum consulting and HR and payroll services are a great help in the functioning of our company on the Norwegian market.
Katarzyna Kops
Board's Assistant


I have been cooperating with NOVUM since 2015, I learned about the company from the Internet. It was a good choice, the first and a very successful one, I have fond memories of the people who came to talk to my office, including Ms Marta Wojtecka with whom I work to this day. The NOVUM company for me is primarily cooperation with Mrs. Marta, she is a competent, factual, helpful and trouble-free person, but also other employees are always ready to help in the office in Poland in Bydgoszcz Mrs. Ania Korpalska and other employees as well as in Norway in Drammen . Cooperation with NOVUM gives me a sense of safe work, quick information on changes and introduction of new regulations, terms of employment and settlement of employees.


The cooperation of our company with Novum Økonomi AS began with participation in a meeting with Ms Katarzyna Ramberg on how to establish and run a company in Norway. Support with the registration of the company and arranging all formalities was quick and efficient. Full professionalism in every respect, and what is very important - very nice cooperation with the ladies employed at Novum. In the case of our company, thanks to our accountant, Ms. Marta Wojtecka, who has been leading us from the very beginning, and has been for almost 5 years. Full professionalism, individual approach to the client, and above all a high level of knowledge and competence make running a company abroad easy and stress-free. A great advantage of Novum are attractive prices as well as the opportunity to take part in their courses and their consulting.
We recommend all interested parties to use Novum Økonomi AS services
Best Regards 

Bolc AS

We have been cooperating with the Novum Økonomi AS accounting office for many years.
Ms Katarzyna Ramberg has helped us and reliably supervise our company's accounting in Norway.
We are very pleased, there are no communication problems.
We can safely devote ourselves to our work.
Currently, Ms. Beata Sasin "our" accountant conducts our affairs meticulously and is involved in the company's affairs.
Everything is booked on time and communication is smooth.
Andrzej Bolc, owner
Andrzej Bolc Service Company,
Bolc AS

Iscas Sp. z o.o.

We have been cooperating with Novum continuously since 2014. It started with our troubles in complicated Warsaw-Oslo tax relations. Fortunately, the Novum staff turned out to be very helpful and patient with us and our needs. We would like to thank especially Mrs. Marta Wojtecka! Professionalism and knowledge combined with a dose of good humor gives a great combination - you want to cooperate! The last few years have been an intensive cooperation, and our affairs under the watchful eye of Ms Sylwia Piasecka are carried out meticulously and thanks to this, we can easily devote ourselves to our work, without worrying about matters of a tax and formal nature. We wish you continued, good and long cooperation!
Adam Śmiałek
Operational Director, Member of the Management Board, ISCAS Sp. z o.o.

North Side

Our cooperation with Novum Økonomi AS has lasted about 10 years.
As a company's owner who carries out orders in Norway, I can wholeheartedly recommend Novum as a professional accounting and consulting company. The people who work there show high professionalism and enormous knowledge of Norwegian law and regulations. Whenever I call, Ms Joanna Lange always answers and helps us solve the problem immediately. People who work in the Norwegian office are also ready to help, solve a problem or advise on all issues.
For our company, the Novum service is perfect and I would not like to change anything!
Adam Tyczyński

Norcor Sławosz Bach

NOVUM was recommended to me by a friend six months ago. Until then, I had never encountered such professional and cordial customer service. The company has helped us go through the complexities of the Norwegian fiscal and administrative system. Professionalism, understanding and friendly approach to individual problems and needs made the registration process and my professional life easier, and my satisfaction with the cooperation increases with each day of running the company.
Cooperation with the ladies: Katarzyna, Sylwia Niklas and Sylwia Piasecka is worthy of the highest evaluation and recommendation to all those who want to deal with bureaucracy.
Sławosz Bach

K-Plan AS

I can say without exaggeration that if it were not for Novum's professional and very communicative team, K-Plan AS and its daily successes would not exist today.
The team members are always ready to listen, advise and solve problems and tasks that I face in various situations. In particular, I would like to thank Mrs. Sylwia and Sylwia and Mrs. Katarzyna for taking care of my business :)

Do not hesitate for a moment if you are looking for a devoted and experienced accounting office specializing in multilingual cases,
NOVUM is the perfect choice! I guarantee :)
Karol Kołodziej

Housepainter Dariusz Bogdal

Novum Økonomi AS has been my accounting company for many years. I want to recommend this firm as much as possible to everyone. I operate a sole proprietorship on the building market. I have been working in Norway since 2006. I had a different accounting firm from the start, but I didn't feel as satisfied as here. The first company had communication problems and I had to wait too long for my questions to be answered. Here in Novum I have to praise many people with whom I have contact quite often, especially I would like to thank to Mrs. Beata, Mrs. Ania, Mrs. Justyna. Besides, I had the teleconference with the owner, Mrs. Katarzyna Ramberg. She was very helpful and answered all my questions quickly. Overall, I recommend Novum Økonomi AS to anyone who needs a fully professional accounting firm. I am sure that the satisfaction will be guaranteed.
Daiursz Bógdał